Shoot First Pay Later Application - CLICK HERE

Once approved (approvals take up to 24 hours), we will contact you regarding the items that you would like to purchase.

You will be able to shop on the website and add items to your cart then checkout with a code that we will be provided.

NOTE: Please use the same email address at checkout that was used on the application when you applied  

*** The Financial Lender Requires Auto Draft For Re-Payment To Participte In Shoot Now Pay Later Financing ***

*** You Will Be Asked To Provide Your Bank Account Information Either Over The Phone Or Via Voided Check ***

An automated invoice with your items will be sent to you shortly after checkout. Then a second invoice with the Administrative Labor and the Grand Total will be sent. This second invoice will need an email reply with your approval. After you approve of the invoice with the grand total, documents will be sent and electronic signatures are collected.

Your items are then ordered and shipped!


Fees will apply. See Terms and Conditions below for cost and details.


Payment Amounts

Highest Account Balance - (Fixed Payment Amount)

$0 - $1000 ($ 55.00)

$1001 - $1500 ($ 75.00)

$1501 - $2000 ($105.00)

$2001 - $2500 ($125.00)

$2501 - $3000 ($145.00)

$3001 - $3500 ($165.00)

$3501 - $4000 ($195.00)

$4001 - $4500 ($215.00)

$4501 - $5000 ($235.00)

$5001 - $5500 ($255.00)

$5501 - $6000 ($265.00)

$6001 - $6500 ($278.00)

$6501 - $7000 ($302.00)


Terms and Conditions: Shoot First Pay Later

Administrative Labor: For purchased items under $400.00, the purchase price of the items will be increased by $50.00 and for purchased items over $400.00, the purchase price of the items will be increased by 12% to cover Gun Pro Corporations Administrative Labor. Additional processing and handling fees may apply. Administrative costs are separate from and not included in any finance charges accessed by the actual lender. Finance charges, if applicable, are based on credit and are determined by lender. They will be fully disclosed in your credit agreement in accordance with applicable Truth in Lending Laws. ACH is required for re-payment. If a firearm is transferred into your possession, returns are not allowed. If a order is placed and  then canceled our normal cancelation of order policy will apply. Security agreement must be complete in its entirety or order will not be accepted.

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