Military Credit will be changing their name to Flexstar Financial Services in March of 2017. Gun Pro and MCS will continue to work together under their new name.  If you have an active MCS account you will be able to add on to your available balance until 2-28-2017 and then your MCS account will be froze until it is paid in full.  Once it is paid in full your MCS account will be closed. You are welcome to open a new account through Flexstar Financial Services.

There will be some changes to the lending program under Flexstar Financial Services. Changes you can expect to see are as follows:

  • Reliable & improved technology!  We have invested heavily in a company that provides us (and you) with a significant upgrade in technology.
  • Moving to Installment Contracts that more easily discloses the cost of financing, including monthly payment, finance charge, length of contract, APR, payment due date, etc.
  • Low monthly payments for customers as nearly all terms will be on 30 to 36 months
  • 6-months Same-as-Cash on all contracts (customers will no longer "add-on", but they can qualify for multiple accounts and each will have the 6-months SAC)
  • Minimum amount financed is $500 due to regulatory law (not something we can control)
  • Automatic decisions on many applications with quick response times on others (we expect nearly 70% of all applications to be automatic)
  • Fast funding process similar to what you're accustomed to with us now
  • A reporting portal where you can get information regarding your applications and funded accounts
  • Your fee structure with us will remain the same