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FNX-45 Tactical

NX-45 Tactical FN America's FNX-45 Tactical is a full-sized gun that offers a considerable measure of .45 ACP capability—15+1 round. The gun has been improved to accommodate a reflex sight—a familiar pattern nowadays with production line guns. What truly makes the FNX-45 Tactical one of a kind, is the ease of shooting and how accommodating and comfortable it is to handle.   The gun looks huge, but it doesn't really feel so big in the hands. Additionally, it has almost double the capability of a full-size, single-stack 1911 while being about a similar size and weight.    Key features  • Caliber: .45 ACP  • Operation: Double-action 10lb/Single-action 3.5 lb  • Magazine: 15 rds.  • Weight: 33.3 oz. (empty) 44.95(loaded)  • Barr...  Read More

FNX-45 tactical Gun Pro Review

The FNX 45 Tactical is an amazing gun!  And it's on special right now-- Available in both Black and FDE. Go check them out here... And here is a smoking deal on a combo:  FN/TRIJICON COMBO DEAL FN/Trijicon Combo Deal FNX-45 Tactical/Trijicon RMR Combo -- Click Here This has got to be one of the best gun reviews ever. Colion Noir is incredibly knowledgeable, standup funny and one of the best shots ever--check it out:  The FNX 45 Tactical on special now.   Read More

Hottest Gun Deals Online!

Sig P238 Deal Of The Year! **Buy Any New Sig P238 & Get Your Choice Of A $100 Gun Pro Gift Card Or 200 Rounds Of Sig V-Crown Defense Ammo FREE! (Limited Time Offer) $75 Cash Rebate on any DPMS Oracle A budget friendly yet precise plinking gun, the Panther Oracle is designed to bridge the void between the Sporting and Tactical markets. This introductory grade carbine features a 16" light contour barrel, A3 upper receiver with Picatinny rail, railed gas block heat-dissipating GlacierGuards and a collapsible, six-position Pardus buttstock. Altogether, it weighs in at only 6.4 lbs. The flat top A3 upper permits the shooter to mount the optic of their druthers on the Picatinny rail. The 16" lightweight barrel supplies lots of v...  Read More

Gun Pro Review - The Ruger Precision Rifle vs. the Savage 10BA Stealth in 6.5 Creedmoor

The Ruger Precision Rifle vs. the Savage 10BA Stealth in 6.5 Creedmoor VS.        When it comes to precision shooting, the lay of the land has changed considerably over the last couple years. Once the territory of custom and exotic rifles costing big bucks, the price of entry has come down substantially thanks to the introduction of the affordable Ruger Precision Rifle in the summer of 2015. Both the Ruger and Savage are available in .308 Winchester with 20-inch barrels and 6.5 Creedmoor with 24-inch barrels. Ruger’s Precision Rifle is also available chambered in 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem and 6mm Creedmoor calibers, while Savage’s long-action 110 BA Stealth, aimed at law enforcement, is available in .300 Win. mag and .338 Lapua mag.  ...  Read More

Gun Pro Review - The Tavor X95 - How Gooey can it get?

Just how gooey can the Tavor get before failing (VIDEO) Buy the Tavor X95 Here at Karl and Ian with InRange TV drop a brand new IWI X95 Tavor in their patent pending mud bath goo to see just how the Israeli bullpup holds up. Not to spoil things too much for you, but as long as you can get past the initial failure to eject and, after mortaring the bolt open, it seems to work well. Buy the Tavor X95 Here at  Read More

Gun Pro Review - Ruger .223/5.56

Ruger launches new Precision Rifle in .223/5.56 Buy the latest Ruger .223/5.56 here on The new take on the Precision Rifle series offers shooters chambering in the readily available and popular 5.56 round. (Photo: Ruger) Ruger introduced a new variant on the popular Precision Rifle line, updating the long gun series with a 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem model. Citing the reduced recoil matched with accuracy potential, Ruger said the new chambering seeks to broaden the appeal of the rifle series. Measuring 39.25-inches with a weight of just over 9 pounds , the long gun is feature rich.  The new model uses a hybrid “target” chamber, which safely accepts 5.56 NATO cartridges whil...  Read More

Gun Pro Review - 1911 A1 Inland Mfg.

Inland Manufacturing 1911 A1 Government Handgun – VIDEO REVIEW BUY the 1911 A1 Here at  By Graham Baates YouTube personality, Graham Baates, gives us a video review of Inland Manufacturing 1911 A1 Government Handgun in .45 ACP. Inland Manufacturing 1911 A1 Government Handgun G B Guns USA – -(  During World War II a division of General Motors by the name of Inland was tasked with producing M1 Carbines for the war effort. That company no longer exists, nor does the building that housed it. The new Inland Manufacturing started up in 2013 just two miles from the original location and has worked to reproduce the same instruments of freedom the original Inland made, and then some. Inland Manu...  Read More

Which States Make the Most Money From Guns?

High Impact Guns Charting the economic power of America’s firearms industry America’s frontier days may be well in the past, but the nation’s western heritage lives on in some ways. One such legacy is the economic impact of guns in each of the 50 states, with firearms playing an especially important role West of the Mississippi, along with many southern states. The financial website WalletHub analyzed the economic impact of guns to uncover which states (plus the District of Columbia) were most dependent on the firearms industry for jobs, tax revenue, and political contributions. They also looked at ownership patterns and factored that into the rankings. It’s a timely study, as Donald Trump’s election has cooled gun sales, with pot...  Read More


GUN SALES BOOM BUT WHAT ABOUT THE WARNINGS? ] If you’ve stood in line at the gun store at some point over the last couple years, hoping there’s still some ammo on the shelves and some handguns in the display case, you know that gun sales have been booming. Yet despite the dire warnings of gun-control advocates predicting endless carnage, the National Safety Council’s Injury Facts—2017 Edition reveals a 17 percent plunge in accidents involving firearms from 2014 to 2015. There were 489 accidental gun deaths in 2015, the lowest number logged since record-keeping began in 1903. That number represents roughly three-tenths of one percent of the total accidental deaths recorded in the report, according to the National Shooting Sports Fou...  Read More